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  •  9 Physicians Board Certified in Otolaryngology (ENT) and Allergy & Immunology – Colorado’s Largest ENT & Allergy Group
  •  25 Years Taking Care of Patients in Southern Colorado – Practicing in Multiple Clinic Locations and Both Hospital Systems
  • Your Leader in the Latest ENT & Allergy Care Treatment – Continually Investing in Technology and Clinical Research

Centers of Excellence

Nose & Sinus

Welcome to the Colorado ENT & Allergy Nose and Sinus Center of Excellence. The Colorado ENT & Allergy Nose and Sinus Center is the premier and largest ENT practice in the state of Colorado. CENT&A is dedicated to providing the most exceptional ear, nose, throat care to our patients. We continuously promote advancements in clinical practice and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology.

Throat & Neck

At Colorado ENT & Allergy we offer consultative and treatment services and innovative care for patients with diseases and conditions affecting the throat and neck.


The doctors of Colorado ENT & Allergy understand allergies and hay fever prevent our patients from enjoying all our beautiful state has to offer.


Welcome to the Colorado ENT & Allergy Asthma Center of Excellence. As the premier (and largest) ENT & Allergy practice in the state of Colorado, CENT&A is dedicated to providing the most exceptional asthma care to our patients.

Sleep Medicine

Colorado ENT Sleep Medicine Center of Excellence! As the premier (and largest) ENT practice in the state of Colorado, CENT&A is dedicated to providing the most exceptional Sleep Medicine care to our patients.

Voice and Swallowing

At Colorado ENT & Allergy we provide treatment for voice and swallowing difficulties, vocal cord issues, throat cancers, hoarseness, vocal cord weakness, paralysis or lesions.
Our outcomes make us the center of choice for the Colorado Springs community.

Ears and Hearing

Our Colorado Springs Audiologists provide evaluation and treatment of both common and complex auditory and balance conditions. We also provide hearing aid and cochlear implant services and fit hearing protection devices. In addition, we perform infant hearing screening and follow-up assessments as needed.

Pediatric ENT

Our Pediatric ENT Specialists of Colorado Springs will provide your child with a child friendly comprehensive evaluation, as well as state of the art treatment. Our Otolaryngologists specialize in all aspects of care for ear, nose and throat disorders in children.

Clinical Research

Colorado ENT & Allergy is committed to the scientific advancement of medicine and the development of promising new medical treatments. This philosophy led to the founding of our Clinical Research Department in 1999. Since then, we have participated in numerous clinical trials, ranging from treatments for chronic sinusitis to medications for ear infections.

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Have you ever felt like you had a cold that wouldn’t go away?

If it hangs around for more than 10 days, or gets worse after it starts to get better, there’s a good chance you have sinusitis. Also called rhinosinusitis, sinusitis effects about 1 in 8 adults annually and generally occurs when viruses or bacteria infect the sinuses. Please contact us today if you are suffering with symptoms of sinusitis.

Excellence. Commitment. Compassion.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Colorado ENT & Allergy continuously promotes advancements in clinical practice and the utilization of state of the art technology to treat sleep apnea and snoring.

Voice and swallowing problems can be a minor nuisance or a major ordeal. Dysphagia, laryngitis and hoarseness can interfere with our ability to eat/drink or communicate. These conditions can be improved or corrected with the care of an ENT doctor.

Our Doctors

With over 150 years of combined experience, our doctors are widely regarded as the best in the fields of ENT, Allergy, and Asthma.  If you want to improve your breathing, hearing, smelling, or speaking, one of our physicians will be able to help.  Our physicians are known throughout Southern Colorado as the trusted experts who deliver highly-skilled, compassionate care.

Excellence. Commitment. Compassion.

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We've Moved!

Colorado ENT & Allergy has closed its NorthCare location and moved into the St. Peregrine medical office building, which is located directly east of the St. Francis/Sisters Grove parking lot or just southeast of NorthCare.

The new address is 6031 E. Woodmen Rd., Ste. 300
Colorado Springs, CO 80923.

If you need directions or help finding the St. Peregrine building , don’t hesitate to call us at 719-867-7800.