Dr. Rob Keller Discusses New Ear Infection Treatment for Children on KRDO

dr keller discusses new ear infection treatment on KRDO

Tula Tubes offers a non-invasive ear infection treatment for children. 

Tula Tubes are a Less invasive procedure for small children with persistent ear infections.  This is an option to have ear tubes placed in children without putting them under anesthesia.

Dr. Keller says that ear infections are more prevalent in small children because the eustachian tube in their ear is not fully developed and does not drain well leaving fluid that can easily get infected.

Kids with ear tubes put in typically either have fluid in their ears that does not resolve over a 3-month period or have recurrent otitis media, which is inflammation or infection located in the middle ear.

If your child has had three ear infections in six months, or four ear infections in a year, it could make a child a candidate for ear tubes.

What causes ear Infections?

An ear infection is most commonly caused by bacteria and can be the result of a cold, flu, or allergies. When the airways become congested and swollen due to these conditions, it can lead to blockage in the nasal passages, throat, and eustachian tubes. This then causes bacterial fluid to build up behind the eardrum, leading to inflammation and infection. In order to reduce the inflammation and get rid of the infection, the fluid will need to be drained from the ear. This also helps with the relief of pain associated with ear infections.

What are the symptoms of a child with an ear infection?

  • Ear Pain
  • Fluid Coming from the ear
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fussiness and crying more than normal. Especially when lying down or taking a bottle.
  • Clumsiness or trouble with balance
  • Tugging at ear
  • Trouble hearing or responding to sounds

Learn more about how Ear Tubes could be essential to your child’s health.

dr keller discusses new ear infection treatment on KRDO