First Signs of Hearing Loss

First signs of hearing loss

Your ears are an important part of your body. Ears play an essential role in maintaining your balance. Today there are thousands of people that suffer from hearing problems. Hearing loss is usually a slow progression that can take years before you realize that you are suffering from this problem. Here are some of the top indications that you may be experiencing hearing loss.

Ringing in the ears

This is one of the number one indicators of hearing loss that affects children and adults. If hearing loss signs are not treated early, they could lead to permanent hearing damage. If you or a loved one is experiencing this sign, you should visit one of our ENT doctors immediately to alleviate the ringing in the ears.

Difficulty hearing normal sounds

Do you have trouble hearing the doorbell or your phone ringing? This could be a sign of hearing loss. When you experience this for a considerable length of time without medical assistance, it could lead to permanent damage.

Asking people to repeat themselves frequently

How many times do you ask someone to repeat themselves, especially on the phone or in a crowded area? If this is something you are doing frequently, you should contact one of our ENT for early ear checkups.

Do you have your TV, Radio, or Cell phone at maximum volume?

This is one of the top indicators of hearing loss that affect people in their homes or public areas. You may be experiencing hearing loss. It is recommended that you consult a hearing specialist for assistance.

Do you experience sharp pain in your ears?

Sudden or sharp pain in your ears could be a sign of infection or problems with the ear. When the eardrum ruptures, people experience severe sharp pain in the ear. If you experience sharp pain in your ears you should visit a health care provider immediately.

Ear Drainage

When your ears are healthy, they are dry. If you have any liquid flowing from your ears, you should seek medical attention. Fluid leaking out of the ears is usually a sign of infection in your ears. It usually happens when there is a rupture in the eardrum.

Speaking loudly all the time

This one you may not recognize your self but those around you will. When you have hearing loss, you have trouble determining the actual volume of your voice. People who experience hearing loss will speak loudly on a regular basis.

Hearing tests are painless and take less than an hour. Untreated hearing loss can negatively impact your quality of life and is associated with other health issues including cardiovascular disease, depression, stress, and social isolation. It has also been linked to cognitive decline, memory problems, and even dementia.

It is advisable to have a routine ear checkup with your doctor to prevent severe damage to the internal and external parts of your ears. Schedule your checkup today!

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