New to Hearing Aids? Learning How to Adjust

new hearing aids - learning how to adjust

New to Hearing Aids? Learning How to Adjust

When the audiologist recommends hearing aids, people usually have a few questions and concerns. Some of the most common questions that might come up include:

What type of hearing aids you should buy?

  • How will they be adjusted according to your hearing requirements?
  • Will they be fitted and who does the fitting?
  • How much do they cost?

These are perfectly normal questions for a person that has just started wearing hearing aids for the first time.

When it comes to adjusting them, there are many things to consider, including:

Type of hearing loss

Before a hearing aid is selected, it is important to have a hearing test to determine the type and severity of hearing loss. Smaller hearing aids are usually effective for mild hearing loss, while the larger models work well for any type of hearing loss, including severe hearing loss.

Lifestyle and preferences

The patient’s lifestyle is an important factor to consider. If a person is socially active and experiences different types of hearing situations, like talking in public places or talking a great deal on the telephone. Those people require a more sophisticated hearing aid that can adjust to different hearing situations. Basic models tend to work better for those that have a more inactive lifestyle.

Everyone has different styles and preferences. Some people prefer those that are almost invisible, so people do not notice you are wearing them. Other people like to have control over the volume. Some people just want something that requires minimal maintenance.

The audiologist will recommend a few hearing aid options that are at different price points, depending on the severity of hearing loss, activity level, and preferences. It can be helpful to try different brands for a few hours or a day to see if you are satisfied with that model. Therefore, once they are tested, you can order your device and schedule hearing aid programming with your audiologist.

How to Adjust to Wearing Hearing Aids

Getting used to hearing aids varies from person to person and requires time. Some people adjust in a day or two, while others take from a few weeks to a few months. As you adjust to your new hearing aids, the ability to hear improves gradually. Your own voice sounds different with a hearing aid, which requires a significant adjustment period. Some people have success adjusting to hearing aids by limiting the time the device is worn to only a few hours daily in order to get used to the amplification.

Additionally, it is important to get them fitted and programmed properly. However, there is a list of factors you should be aware of before wearing the hearing aids for the first time.


It is okay if it takes some time to get used to hearing aids. It can make you feel overwhelmed by all the sounds you’ve been missing. You should wear them as often as possible or as directed by your audiologist to adjust to them quickly.

Amplified sounds

For people wearing hearing aids for the first time, they may seem ineffective because they haven’t returned their hearing back to normal levels. While hearing aids improve your ability to hear by amplifying the sounds around you, they don’t actually “repair” your hearing.

Sometimes adjusting to hearing aids can seem overwhelming, but once you get through the initial period, you might be amazed and in awe of the sounds you are finally hearing! If you’ve had your hearing aids for quite some time and are still struggling with fit or programming, visit your audiologist to ensure the devices are properly adjusted for you.

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