Pediatric ENT Doctors in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our Pediatric ENT Specialists of Colorado Springs will provide your child with a child friendly comprehensive evaluation, as well as state of the art treatment. Our Otolaryngologists specialize in all aspects of care for ear, nose and throat disorders in children. All treatment options will be discussed at length with the family (and child when appropriate) and a plan of care will be developed.

Our Pediatric Ear Nose and Throat Physicians are nationally known as experts in the field and have been providing care for children in the Colorado Springs area for over 30 years.

The disorders we treat range from the most common problems affecting children, such as ear, tonsil, and sinus infections; snoring; and obstructive sleep apnea, to more complex problems, ranging from congenital hearing loss and neck masses to complicated airway problems.

Professionals here understand the physical and emotional needs of children and encourage the active participation of parents in all aspects of patient care.

Our Pediatric ENT Physicians use advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques to diagnose ear, nose, and throat problems quickly and accurately.

We welcome all patients for an initial evaluation or a second opinion in addition to ongoing care.  If your child is in need of a Pediatric ENT Specialistmake an appointment today at one of our convenient locations.

Treatments & Procedures

How to tell if your child has an ear infection?

Ear infections are the most common disorder in children next to the common cold. More than 80 percent of children will be diagnosed with ear infections by the time they are 3. If your child seems ill or has a fever, see your pediatrician.

dr keller discusses new ear infection treatment on KRDO